English Golf Lesson in Japan

I would like to offer that English Golf Lesson.Please check it out near your location.

Meiji Golf Centre

Price & Open Hour

Weekday 10:00~13:00/16:00~21:00
Saturday 13:00~19:00
Sunday 9:00~17:00

Please Contact me your time.

  • Duration 20 min per session.
  • 20 min-3000 JPY
  • Excluded Ball Fees,Included TAX


777 Sinden Owada Yachiyo city Chiba Pref Japan 276-0046


I began to play golf when I was 12 and moved to Singapore in 2001, driven to become a touring professional. I was trained under David Ledbetter and Gary Edwin Golf Academy in Singapore. I was also trained by John Ericson in the USA under The Golfing Machine Base. I participated in Malaysian Tour and Singha Tours in Thailand, became a Singapore PGA member since 2001 and PGTI member in India since 2007.
After 10 years of touring, I changed my goal to become a teaching professional. I underwent trainings and courses as a certified coach for Aimpoint and Dr Kwon’s Biomechanics LV1.
Having spent 15 years in Asia, I am now back in Japan to share the benefits of golf and to ensure that students have fun while they develop. Anyone, regardless of age and gender can achieve results with an elaborate development plan.


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